Radio / Cellular Signaling

Long-Range Radio Signaling
Wireless radios cost less than phone lines and work when a phone line is inoperative and replaces the need for multiple phone lines on fire alarm systems. Any alarm system is only as reliable as its ability to communicate with central station.
Phone lines are expensive and subject to being cut or damaged, prohibiting your system's ability to alert the proper authorities. With Pacific Alarm Service, you have the option to use wireless long-range radio signaling as backup for your burglar alarm system and as primary communication for your fire alarm system.
Constant Communication
Using a web-like blanket of radios placed throughout our coverage area, systems are never out of communication. Your alarm signal reaches our central station in seconds using the most direct route.
Cellular Communication
Transmission of Alarm and Trouble signals over the Cellular network, it can be used as back up signaling in the event the telephone line is disabled or not functioning or as primary means of communication in the event telephone lines are not available or desired.
An excellent option for roof top , electric room , open area detection and transmission. The motion detection will activate an alarm and the cellular signal to the Central Station followed by a 10 second video clip. This meets the verified response policy implemented by many Police Departments, and has had a high rate of capture success. Video clips may also be forwarded to the officer responding as well as the customers smart phone.