Video Surveillance & Monitoring

Secure your home and business with video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring from Pacific Alarm Service in Beaumont, California. Our security system company provides safety for employees, workers, and the general public with our video surveillance system.
Pacific Alarm Service uses a full range of cameras, monitors, and recorders to meet both indoor and outdoor monitoring needs. Surveillance systems act as a theft deterrent and help protect facilities and grounds from losses and unwarranted claims.
Video Recordings
Digital recorders keep an on-site record of video pictures that are viewed with 1 monitor or integrated into an existing computer network for multi-viewing stations. Remote (off-site) transmission of video pictures via local area networks or the internet is also an option. Let us design and engineer an integrated camera surveillance system for you with access control and intrusion alarm systems to meet the specific individual needs of your office, business, facility, or complex.
Access Control
These systems are designed to monitor and manage entry and exit of specific personnel in designated areas of your building. Access is set up by area and by time.
Access control systems are computer based and able to accommodate many access points, numerous control areas, unlimited users, and have the capability to be integrated with CCTV and intrusion alarm systems. Access systems allow you to have a trail, by date, of who went where and when.
  • Access Control Available Options
  • Remote Monitoring Through Internet Protocol
  • Employee Activity Reports
  • Multiple Site Access Control Management
  • Alarm Deactivation with Authorized Access
  • Automatic Door Lock/Unlock
  • Integrated Badges
  • Intrusion Alarm Integration
24-Hour Monitoring
Pacific Alarm Service's 24-hour UL-listed burglar and fire alarm central monitoring center is a high-tech, computerized facility with redundant monitoring equipment and standby power generation. Friendly, well-trained operators who efficiently process alarm and trouble signals generated by subscriber's alarm equipment staff the Central Station.
When an emergency signal is received, the Command Center immediately accesses subscriber account information, views an outlined procedure, and swiftly notifies the proper responding agency (fire, police, sheriff, etc.) and/or specified individuals. Personalized service and reliability make Pacific Alarm Service and the Command Center a step above the competition.
  • 24-Hour Monitoring Service
  • Monitoring of Alarm Signals
  • Diagnostic Trouble Signals
  • Daily Timer Tests
  • Opening & Closing by User
  • False Alarm Reduction by 2 Call Verification and/or Video Monitoring
Contact our security systems company in Beaumont, California, to find out more about our
video surveillance and 24-hour monitoring services to meet your business and home security needs.